Fairbanks Nijhuis

Flood control

Fish-Friendly Pumps

VPF series, HPF series

  • Capacity: 6604 - 792,516 GPM (1,500 - 180,000+ m3/h)
  • Head: 3 - 19 feet (1 - 6+ mlc)
  • High pump efficiency
  • Available in horizontal and vertical configuration, both dry and wet mounting
  • Easy installation in existing pumping stations
  • Converting costs substantially reduced

The Fairbanks Nijhuis patented fish-friendly pump allows 100 percent of the eels and at least 97 percent of the fish to get through a pumping station unscathed. The pump was developed in response to the adverse effects of conventional pumps in pumping stations on the fish stock.

By choosing Fairbanks Nijhuis,  you have a sustainable solution that protects the wildlife and environment and saves energy. We are ready to assist you with converting your pumping station pump into a fish-friendly system.