Fairbanks Nijhuis

Stationary Fire Fighting

Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps

VDF series

  • Capacity: 220 - 66043 GPM (50 - 15,000 m3/h)
  • Head: 82 1,197 feet (25 - 365 mlc)
  • High efficiency and durability
  • Wide operating range
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Wide range of materials
  • Variety of shaft seal configurations and bearings

The Fairbanks Nijhuis vertical turbine pump is an energy efficient and reliable pump, suitable for various liquids and applications. The pump is available with either a dry or submersible motor installation, both in a wide range of flow rates, pressure heads and construction materials.

The hydraulic design includes a suction bell, single or multiple pump stages with closed or open mixed flow impellers, column pipes with integrated line-shafts, and a discharge elbow that can be located either above or below the foundation level.