Fairbanks Nijhuis

Stationary Fire Fighting

Custom Fire Solutions

  • Complete compact unit
  • Tailored to the customer's required standards and specifications
  • Configuration for NFPA20 / FM / UL
  • Unlimited suction characteristics (by pump setting)
  • Practically no limitations on flow
  • No above ground (water) tank required
  • Used for fresh water or any surface water
  • Easy maintenance without interfering on piping / driver
  • Available in several materials, including FM approval

Fairbanks Nijhuis is a leader in providing End Suction , Split Case, Vertical In-Line and Vertical Turbine pumps to meet the demanding needs of our customer. Fire pump sets are available with electric motor, diesel engine or hydraulic motor driver. Every pump is subjected to a thorough inspection and a series of tests to ensure that it meets the required specifications before leaving the factory.